Paul Axton interviews congressman Mark Siljander, attacked by Bush and Cheney for attempting to work out a diplomatic solution to the Middle East, spent 4 months doing hard time in a federal prison as a result. His notion that we should give peace a chance has had real-world results and radical personal consequences.

THE ALGORITHM Things To Avoid:

Are you pushing a personal agenda?

Are you asserting that"I" am right & "you" are wrong?

Are you using the tactics of shame or disgrace;"pointing out mistakes"?

Are you keeping a record of the offences committed by the "other" person?

Are you holding anger toward the "other" person? Are you acting proud of yourself, your culture/country or religion?

Are you happy when bad things happen to your enemy?

Things To Embrace:

Are you patient with each other?

Are you acting in kindness or acting upon your own self-interests?

Are you seeking justice and truth?

Are you hopeful (to God) for a positive outcome?

Are you giving up easily or are you working together persistently?

Do you think that the "other" party is trustworthy?

Are you only protecting your self interest?

How To Apply: Eat a meal together. Pray with & for each other.

Highlight common ground & resolve any misunderstandings. Get to know them personally (family, passions, concerns, etc.)

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